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Hits The Mark!

Okay, for those of you who are planning to see “Alice In Wonderland” as high as a kite – this post is not for you! You know you gon see it anyway. This is for those of us who are not sure if it is something that we want to see completely sober. And the resounding answer is yes! I saw “Alice” this week and was pleasantly surprised by how endearing the story is and no matter what your age, you can enjoy. This probably explains it’s mega-suucess at the box office (Tim and Johnny have caught on to the Hollywood game!).

I personally am not crazy about the 3D crap (it’s way to intrusive for my taste) but I thought the set design and costumes were really top notch. And if you’re like me and did a version of “Alice” as a kid, it will be very satisfying to compare yourself to the actors on the screen (I must say that Helena Bonham Carter’s Red Queen was esquisitely evil).

On that note, check out your phobia before laying out some dough and if there isn’t anything that offends, then have at it I say!



Worth The Dough!

I saw “Shutter Island” tonight and I have to say that even though I figured out the ending pretty early on, it had a very original ending. I highly recommend it! Be careful of the violence and there are alot of rats!